Credit Unions Building Financial Independence

Credit Unions Building Financial Independence (CUBFI) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization focused on collaborating to build economic capacity, community impact, and financial inclusion.

Mission: Creating economic independence through credit unions.
Vision: A world in which every person can achieve his or her financial dreams through credit unions.

In collaborating to build economic capacity, CUBFI will invest and work with partners on new programs that will help consumers become financially capable through credit unions. CUBFI is a catalyst and a resource for credit unions to help consumers build assets and achieve their financial dreams.

Charitable Causes Supported:
Development of sustainable programmatic philanthropy through credit unions
Financial wellness programs, such as Financial Reality Fairs
Support for local organizations that provide food and fuel assistance to those in need
Contributing to industry-wide efforts, like supporting CUAid disaster relief

Fundraising Opportunities

Annual Raffle
Proceeds from the Foundation’s annual raffle go to support non-profit organizations such as the Connecticut Food Bank, Foodshare, and Operation Fuel. Connecticut's Credit Unions raised about $30,000 each year to provide necessary funding for those non-profit organizations who serve the state’s most vulnerable population.

Campaign Specific Asks
Occasionally, the Foundation may call upon Connecticut’s Credit Unions to support a cause vital to the success of programs in Connecticut or the overall credit union system. When we all come together to support good causes, we are stronger for it.

Want to make a donation? Contact David Hinchey, Director of Community Impact and Executive Director of the Foundation at [email protected].