The Credit Union Legislative Action Council

The Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC) is a vehicle through which a credit union advocate can actively participate in advancing the future of the credit union industry.

CULAC is the federal Political Action Committee for CUNA. CULAC's purpose, as defined in its Articles of Association, is to "provide the opportunity for individuals interested in the future of the credit union movement to contribute to the support of worthy candidates for federal office who believe, and have demonstrated their belief, in the principles to which the industry is dedicated."

CULAC accomplishes its mission by contributing to and supporting federal candidates and committees that support the Credit Union Movement. It is your continued support and involvement that provides us with the resources to elect credit union advocates to Congress.

2019 Connecticut CULAC Goal: $26, 212
2019 Connecticut CULAC Actual: $15,986 (as of 8/13/19)

CULAC Capitol Club
Each year, credit union employees who contribute $250 or more to support CULAC become part of the Capitol Club. This group has demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting credit union advocacy and the overall system. To learn more about how to support CULAC, contact Kelly Fuhlbrigge.

2019 CULAC Capitol Club

Dean Marchessault - American Eagle Financial CU
Nick Moalli - America's First Network FCU
Charlyn Tanner - Dutch Point CU 
Karen Viets - Metropolitan District ECU
John Holt - Nutmeg State Financial CU
Robert Bruhn - Nutmeg State Financial CU
Benjamin Citrin - Sikorsky Financial CU
Charles Hoddinott - Sikorsky Financial CU
Ken Ferrari - Sikorsky Financial CU
Scott Posey - Sikorsky Financial CU
Vincent Ciambriello - Sikorsky Financial CU
Judy Britt - Credit Union League of CT


2018 Connecticut CULAC Goal: $27,928
2018 Connecticut CULAC Actual: $26, 793 

2018 CULAC Capitol Club

Andrew Klimkoski - Achieve Financial CU
Lisa Calabro - Achieve Financial CU
Mary Budnick - Achieve Financial CU
Matthew Yussman - Achieve Financial CU
Nick Moalli - America’s First Network CU
Brian Kennedy - American Eagle Financial CU
Chris Willey - American Eagle Financial CU
Dean Marchessault - American Eagle Financial CU
Howard Brady - American Eagle Financial CU
Jeff Rindfleisch - American Eagle Financial CU
John Conant - American Eagle Financial CU
Teresa Knox - American Eagle Financial CU
Annette Janovic - Charter Oak FCU and Alloya
Michael Hinchey - Crosspoint FCU
Michael Williamson - Greater Hartford Police FCU
Edward P. Danek Jr. - Hartford FCU
Lori Herrick - Manchester Municipal FCU
Karen Viets - Metropolitan District ECU
Hank Baum - Mutual Security CU
Larry Holderman - Mutual Security CU
Stephen Osowiecki - Mutual Security CU
Joanne Todd - Northeast Family FCU
John Holt - Nutmeg State Financial CU
Ben Citrin - Sikorsky Financial CU
Charles Hoddinott - Sikorsky Financial CU
Ken Ferrari - Sikorsky Financial CU
Scott Posey - Sikorsky Financial CU
Vincent Ciambriello - Sikorsky Financial CU
Joanne Palladino – SoundView Financial CU
Dave Hinchey - Credit Union League of Connecticut
Jill Nowacki - Credit Union League of Connecticut
Kelly Fuhlbrigge - Credit Union League of Connecticut